A reminder that there is a guest fee of £2 for all non-members who attend your session.  This will entitle them to parking validation at reception.  If they wish to join as a member for £6.10 per year they won’t be required to pay the guest fee and they can use their card to exit the car park as long as they book into the booking at reception on their first visit.


Privacy Policy: By registering you child to the League, unless you inform us otherwise .. You agree for matchday pictures to be posted online for promotional purposes on our website, social media platforms and to recognized academy affiliates for elite scouting purposes.

Leisure Zone Super League - Nov to Dec 2018
from 25.00

Starts: November
Venue: Harlow Leisure Zone (indoor) 
Time: 5:30 to 6:45pm
Arrival: 5:15pm
League 1: Year 2, 3 & 4
League 2: Year 5 & 6

Last seasons (2017/18) super league ran throughout the winter months, hosting several teams and individual players from the town, of which 5 players successfully went on to sign for Leyton Orients Academy.

Now Back with Popular demand the Super League Kicks off this November. The initiative for this season is to produce a Harlow Schools Representation team to compete against other district and county sides to promote the towns footballing talent for further progressions into the professional game.

The event will take place at the Harlow Leisure Zone during November & December. Trophies will be presented on the last day of the season during the awards ceremony.

Fixture Dates: 13/11 - 20/11 - 27/11 - 4/12 - 11/12
KO Times:
5:30 & 6:15
Registration Closes when teams are full.

Disclaimer: Parents are responsible for their child’s attendance during the event as the league organisers take no responsibility other than the safety of their children during match play.


SK Super League, Season 1 Winners      -      SK Academy Harlow

SK Super League, Season 2 Winners      -      SK Academy Harlow
SK Super Cup, Season 2 Winners             -      SK Sawbridgeworth

SK Super League, Season 3 Winners      -     Pemberley Panthers
SK Super Cup, Season 2 Winners             -     SK Elite

SK Super League, Season 4 Winners      -     Kingsmoor Kings
SK Super Cup, Season  4 Winners            -     Kingsmoor Kings

SK Super League, Season 5 Winners      -     Pemberley Panthers
SK Super Cup, Season  5 Winners            -     SK Sports Academy

SK Super League, Season  6 Winners            -     Pemberley Panthers
SK Super League, Season  7 Winners            -     Pemberley Panthers

Teams: Pemberley Panthers, SK Sports Academy, Kingsmoor Academy

13/11 – 20/11 – 27/11 - 04/03 - 11/12
*Both Leagues will play at the same time
GAME WEEK 1 - 13/11 -
Kick Off: 5:30 - Kings V Pemberley Panthers
Kick Off: 6:15 - Bmat V SK Sports
GAME WEEK 2 - 20/11 -
Kick Off: 5:30 - SK Sports V Pemberley Panthers
Kick Off: 6:15 - Bmat V Kings
GAME WEEK 3 - 27/11 -
Kick Off: 5:30 - Bmat V Pemberley Panthers
Kick Off: 6:15 - SK Sports V Kings
GAME WEEK 4 - 04/12 -
Kick Off: 5:30 - 1st Place V 4th Place
Kick Off: 6:15 - 2nd Place V 3rd place
GAME WEEK 5 - 11/12 -
Kick Off: 6:15 - FINALS

Leventhorpe Leisure centre