Can you help SoccerKidz grow?

Can you help SoccerKidz Grow?

Can anyone Help get this message to nurseries and schools?!

Coach Ben......Hello, I hope your having a good day.

As the company director of a newly established local toddlers football club we would like to inquire about the potential of me personally coaching the children "football" at your nursery or school.

we started Soccerkidz in England 5 months ago as a Saturday club with the aim of coaching the ages 2 to 5 years for the purpose of fun and development. Due to my experiences I choose this age because I excel at coaching this group, plus it gives me great satisfaction knowing I am making a positive difference in their lives. I aim to implement my own concepts into the club with our main focus channeled on supporting healthy child development. 

In the terms of "Healthy child development" I refer to:
- Basic motor skills
- Integration
- Team work
- The Soccerkidz Child development System
- And the most important aspect of all FUN! 

I would like to offer you the opportunity of having Soccerkidz come to your nursery or school to put on a free taster session as a promotion attempt for our company. At the same time you can assess the Soccerkidz brand to see whether or not it would be worth your while having us attend on a regular basis. There will be no hard feelings if you was to say we're rubbish or not interested. 

You can check out a Video of us in action via the Soccerkidz Facebook page,

If your interested then please message or call 07813557347.

To find out more information about our weekend sessions look on our Facebook page, for development updates follow our Twitter @soccer_kidz.

SoccerkidzLTD is a registered company, we hold public liability insurance, coaches are DBS checked and FA qualified.

Posted on September 27, 2014 .