SK Academy coaches in Action

SK Academy coaches in Action

I have worked for the 2 largest soccer companies in the US and UK for an extensive period of time as well as studying the industry for 10 years, I have the utmost passion and desire to make a difference in the world of child development through the median of Sports.
— Coach Ben

SK Sports Child Development System

Our System has been put in place to give us a structure to abide by thus enhancing all aspects of our children's health and social well-being. Through our high standard of qualified coaching our regular participants have benefited greatly in their physical and psychological development. Continuous interaction with other children outside of a nursery/school environment combined with expert coaching and structured monthly session plans/targets, for children of their age group has proven to give them a head start in their development ..........this is the basis of our development system.

Our coaches play a huge part in this system due to the adopted coaching style necessary of our Academy coaches; all coaches receive specific training alongside the minimum requirements of   qualifications as after all it is our coaching that's set us aside from the rest. As the children get older it's the coaches that notice subtle changes in their development thus making it important to make positive directional adjustments that in hand improve their physical and social well-being....of course their Sports skills too.

At SK Sports, we  have developed numerous club links to local semi-pro, professional football teams, Rugby, tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Karate, Squash and the list goes on ... We can also provide inter-related connections and affiliations to numerous educational institutes within our community throughout Hertfordshire and Essex. These clubs, schools and venues play an important part in the clubs development through their support as it offers the children a range of pathways to further their sporting and educational journey's. 

Club Members Current target age 2 to 9 years: {Does not include School Sport or Events coaching age groups}

We are currently coaching 2-9 years "only", as this will help us maintain our focus on the development of our current group of players.  Once our children graduate at 7, we will then give you as a parent the opportunity to stay on with us or to take your child to a Semi or Professionally run club with qualified coaches that give the children plenty of room for further development and direction. Children that wish to stay with our club from 7 years and above will be coached on a weekly basis and represent a choice of teams competing in the locally or nationally.

Lastly, the main rule of SK Sports Academy is to have fun and play with a smile on your face! :)