Coaching Report for 2018, The plan so far ...

SK Sports, Football Academy Coaching Report For Spring Seasons from January 2018 through to April 2018.

Overview of Targets written prior to Spring seasons 2018:

Key Goal for Forthcoming period:

·         TEAM - Effective Team Shape (Positioning) in and out of possession

·         INDIVIDUAL – Creating and Finding Space (Generic)

Barriers in Achieving these Goals:

·         TEAM - Lack of competitive match experience and understanding

·         INDVIDUAL - Basic ability of new Soccerkids joining the group

Areas to Concentrate on:

·         TEAM – Friendly Matches

·         TEAM – Small Sided Games (SSG’S)

·         TEAM / INDIVDUAL – 1 V 1, 2 V 1, 3 V 2 coaching situations

·         INDIVIDUAL – In game triggers to assume spacial positioning

·         INDIVIDUAL – First Touch and Passing technique.


Action Plan for Improvement:

                Prior to this Seasons targets the Academy had worked and developed upon the children’s individual technical skills during the summer season of 2017. As our Soccerkids technical ability with the ball increased we see that generically the players found it difficult to transfer their skills into real match situations due to a lack of experience and understanding in this area. Therefore our plan for Spring 2018 is to transfer their technical skills into match situations, progressing mainly from low to high variable practices and include random game related practices so we can coach within game situations to create a specific picture of how the game is played and when a good time to use their skills for the best individual and team results.

Mid Point Evaluation – On Course?

                Yes … The introduction to Bio Band players has been effective in developing the Soccerkids individual needs which in hand has supported achieving the team targets as this has provided us coaches with a more focused level of skill within the groups leading to an increase in ball rolling time during each session.

 Final Evaluation – Success?

                Spring 2018 has been successful in many areas for the Academy. Noticeably the change from a predominantly technique based and constant practices to a more tactical and variable coaching methodology has supported the Soccerkids in transferring their technical skills into real game situations, thus increasing their ability to play as/in a team.  

Focus For Improvement In the Future:

                To observe and analyze team and player performance to find out individual and team development needs so we can coach and improve upon their weaknesses to increase our team performances. We will revert our coaching methodology back to the Summer 2017 technical based session structure to focus on key elements such as Passing, Receiving, Dribbling. Now that our players have a greater understanding and better picture of the game. Transferring new and developed technical skills onto the pitch should come with an increase in on the pitch success.


“Our Success is gauged on how many mistakes Coach puts right!”

Future Goal for Summer Season 2018 (April to August)

Key Targets for Forthcoming period:

·         TEAM – Cohesive play (Understanding of roles and duties)

·         INDIVIDUAL – Player Skill & Technical Development (Specific to players needs)


Barriers in Achieving these Goals:

·         TEAM: Inconsistent weekly attendance of same players (ACTION: Providing more Sessions.)

·         INDIVIDUAL: High number of players with varied abilities (ACTION: Player Grouping.)


Areas to Concentrate on:

·         TEAM – Formation

·         TEAM – Positioning (in/out possession)

·         TEAM – Covering / Support Play

·         INDIVIDUAL – Technical Development (Generic but specific to players needs)


Action Plan for Improvement:

                TEAM – Identify players preferred positions, highlight specific duties attached to positional roles. Rotate individuals to gain understanding of bigger picture and create scenarios during SSG’s of in/out of possession situations.
                INDIVIDUAL – Observe and highlight player weaknesses. Group players and work on their needs starting with constant practices. Once key technical fundamentals are established aim to progress sessions into carrousel practices so we can target all areas of improvement for both individual and teams goals.

“During this Period, we took more risk’s, made more mistakes and progressed”
SK Sports Academy - Bishops Stortford

Passing Through Lines of Defence

Session 1

SK Sports Academy

Creating Space to Recieve

Session 2

SK Sports Academy - Essex

Recieving In Attacking Areas

Session 3

SK Sports Academy - Bishops Stortford

Expoiting Attacking Areas

Session 4

SK Sports Academy - Harlow

Creating Space to Shoot When Dribbling

Session 5

SK Sports Academy - Essex

Passing into Attacking Target Area

Session 6

SK Sports Academy - Bishops Stortford

Team Shape & Pressure out of Possession

Session 7

SK Sports Academy

Team Shape - In Transitions

Session 8

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