Company Policies

Term and conditions
1. The acceptance of Terms and Conditions show you agree to adhere by them, as amended from time to time, with or without notice to you. ‘SK Academy Ltd"  provides the service of fully qualified coaches but it does not accept the responsibility to your child for injury and damage, or loss to personal property.
2. The safety and enjoyment of all participants is our main priority, however, due to the physical nature of the sport we cannot guarantee mild accidents will not occur. Therefore we recommend each child dresses appropriately for the session. If indoors wearing top, shorts, long socks covering shin pads is recommended .If sessions are outside, and the weather is hot, putting sun cream on, and, if cold having layered clothing on is recommended. Wear shin pads if possible and appropriate footwear for the surface of play.
3. To help us further ensure that the children have lots of fun we encourage parents to stay and watch outside or participate.

4. ‘SK Academy Ltd’ encourages all different ages/race/religion/sex to participate. Sessions can vary according to the diversity of the group. In order to manage this process ‘SK Academy Ltd’ asks all parents/guardians, of all children, participating to notify us at the earliest stage of any medical conditions, allergies, medications or additional needs.
5. SK Academy Ltd will adapt the sessions according to players ability. We are qualified FA Coaches, allowing us to tailor the sessions so the participants are getting the maximum enjoyment out of the sessions.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
1. The terms shall be deemed to have been accepted by the parent upon payment of the fee either by or on behalf of the parent. Payment by the carer shall be deemed to have been made on behalf of the parent.
2. The parent or carer agrees to keep the content of ‘SK Academy Ltd’ confidential and not to copy or use any aspect of ‘SK Academy Ltd’ directly or indirectly. The parent or guardian agrees not to directly or indirectly manage, operate or assist in the organisation of any business which competes with ‘SK Academy Ltd’ while the child is a member of ‘SK Academy Ltd’.
3. The parent or guardian shall pay the full amount stated to ‘SK Academy Ltd’ prior to the child commencing on the football course.
4. The fee is non-refundable except by prior agreement with the management of ‘SK Academy Ltd’ where due discretion has been given for unique circumstances. An “Act of God” (disruption resulting from extreme weather conditions), industrial transport strikes, terrorist activity, child/parent/guardian discipline problems, or where local authority’s/public guidance advise that classes should be temporarily suspended for health or other reasons do not qualify as a unique circumstance, or reason for deferment of classes during the affected period.
1. SKAcademy Ltd may cancel this contract at any time before the child commences into this course. ‘SK Academy Ltd’ will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such cancellations.
Parents Responsibility
1. The information submitted on the course registration form must be honest, and accurate, in all respects and the parent/guardian must notify ‘SK Academy Ltd’ of any changes to that given information.
2. When attending the course the child, and parent/guardian, must not be suffering from an infectious disease or illness which could be contagious, or, harmful to other participants of the course.
3. The parent and guardian acknowledges, and agrees, that the child shall be deemed to be under the direction and control of ‘SK Academy Ltd’ throughout the session and shall be responsible for the conduct of the pupil whilst they are on the premises.

4.Parents/Guardians must take FULL responsibility of injury to their child under any circumstance. We encourage all parents to stay and participate in our games but we cannot take responsibility of any injuries sustained.
5.In the event that ‘SK Academy Ltd" determines that the behavior of a pupil or carer or guardian to be unacceptable ‘SK Academy Ltd’ will be entitled to exclude or ban the child or parent/guardian from the premises for the remainder of that session, longer, or, indefinitely.

Social Media:Pictures/Videos

When you sign the agreement at the beginning of your child playing/attending 'SK Academy Ltd’ ' you automatically agree for 'SK Academy Ltd’ ' to use pictures or videos of your child on any social networking site. If you have any problems with this please speak to the management of SK Academy Ltd’ . Thank you.