Football World - SK Saturdays @ Leventhorpe Sports Centre 29/11/14

Yet another great session today, well done Mason loves the rainbow tube so much that he's putting it on his Christmas list, let's hope he's been a good boy for Santa! 

This week we executed the "skill building" games very well and showed great signs of basic ball's a delight to see. 

Our "game related practice" started off slow but gained efficiency once the children grasped the concept our multi-ball "2 v 2  attack v defense exercise". 

Next week we are going to start with a 1 v 1 and progress to 2 v 2 using just 1 ball.....GO BEARS.....BEARs.....BEArs.....BEars.....Bears.....bears

Check out the pics from today's session >>>

Posted on November 29, 2014 .