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#SK Sundays @ Passmores Academy 23/11/14

Coaching Report: "The Art of Tackling"


Off the back of Saturdays extremely positive session regarding the kids development, the coaches agreed to replicate the same activities as the day before.

Follow the link for Saturdays coaching report 

As we have 15 to 20  children regularly participating each week, the coaches are having a fun time tinkering and adapting each session to suit the groups main objectives. Up until our last session we've been unable to replicate the same coaching games our Saturdays due to the different development phases they are in.

 HOWEVER....This Sunday we was able to successfully introduce the basic concepts of tackling and defending by replicating the same coaching plan as he day before. This is a huge sign of soccer development for our young stars in Harlow.  

Next weeks focus: Bicycle Kicks!


This Short clip shows you what we will be teaching our players for our next session! we will have everyone replicating the same skill as this man in no time >>>

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Soccerkidz Ltd, @Soccer_Kidz,

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#SoccerkidzSundays @ Passmores Academy (26/10/14)

Blog - Sunday 26/10/14

A really big well done to everyone involved with the Sunday Club. We are very pleased to announce that as from next Sunday our players will be inducted into Brucey's Cubs and Beckham's Bears teams (age specific).

Session will run simultaneously.


Coaching Report: 

The sports hall has been an interesting change from our outdoor venue. From a coaching perspective we are learning and adapting to the differences in surface, the hard flat floor makes it more difficult for our youngsters to control and stop the ball....however this challenge alone is developing their core football skills faster than on grass, I believe the kids can improve quicker at their age on this surface however it may prove to be an annoying task to complete for some....we assure everyone that when we get to the point of competitive team play we will find it easy to win :)!

Coach Mason.... "I'm very happy with our new teams and I'm looking forward to our development journey through the stages of our SCDS (Soccerkidz child development system)."

Coach Ben...."Today I was passing and receiving with a few of our youngest players.....I saw fantastic balance and co-ordination from children as young as 2 years old, successfully pass a ball to my feet with consistent accuracy. It really was a joy for us all to watch and I am so proud of all of the boys and girls in the club. We improve every week."

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#SoccerkidzSundays @ Passmores Academy (19/10/14)

We would like to thank all of our club members and The GPCA community centre in Harlow for the part they have played in the development of SoccerKidz Ltd. 

we have successfully changed venue to the fantastic Passmores Academy which has given us the platform to further the ambitions of our club. 


Coaching Report: 

Many of our players are showing great signs of development...we are now coming to the stage where the ability range within the group is growing, this may be down to our new recruits not having the same contact time as players that have been in our club for a while.

Soccerkidz Ltd prime focus is set on "helping the introduction of children into sport, in our case football." We promote a wide range of principals related to our enhanced child development program (SCDP). Information can be found via our website.

As a result of our developing system, we are soon to invite players onto our Soccerkidz Elite Program.

Ben Doyle, Director of Soccerkidz Ltd


Our Last Day at The GPCA

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#SoccerkidzSundays @ The GPCA (October 2014)

Since we kick started Soccerkidz Sundays in August we have had the pleasure of using The GPCA playing fields where the weather has been very kind to us. We have learnt that coaching the children outside benefits them more than using an indoor facility due to a number of factors: the ball being easier to control on the grass, the space in which we can use and the noise reduction.

These factors have helped our Soccerkidz develop faster than expected and we recently put their development to the test as we attempted our first conditioned game situation for the older players in the group before our move into an indoor facility. Unfortunately the team wasn't quite ready to tackle this concept :) !

However we will not be undeterred from attempting the game situation again, we will just need to put in a couple more weeks on the training ground.

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