#SoccerkidzSaturday "Football World"

Coach Ben "Each week the team is showing great signs togetherness, team work, cohesion and friendship....We have one more week next Saturday, I hope as many of our team can make it as it's our last before the Xmas party"


Well done team, we managed to overcome a couple of hurdles today as we were double booked with a mass "Karate Party". This left us with our Cubs session taking place in a class room! Although we didn't have the best space for our little superstars we manged to adapt.....the small space actually gave us a different coaching perspective, concentrating closer on ball control...the smaller space for the Cubs is now something we will consider in future venues.

We were also "narrowed in" with the following Bears session as Coach Ben and his Soccerkidz, kicked a quarter a the Karate party in to touch! We adopted a similar coaching perspective to the previous cubs session but with added difficulties in a bigger space. Yet again the team didn't fail to impress!


Posted on December 13, 2014 .