Summer 2015 Newsletter

Happy Summer-time to everyone!

We are now one year and three months into our football development program that is specifically suited for boys and girls aged between two and seven years old. During this time the Academy has secured a number of partnership and affiliations with local education institutes, Senior/Semi-Pro and Professional football clubs, giving us the perfect foundation to develop our coaching capacity thus enhancing our children’s physical and psychological development  ... as well as offering the best possible pathway opportunities for our soccer kids ... Granted there’s still many improvements to be made however we are in a great position to continue our journey towards a successful future.

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We have recently made an agreement with Sawbridgeworth Town FC to enter a U7 football team in representation of their club for the summer of 2016, this enable us to further progress our Soccer Kids. More details will be available sooner to the time so please keep this in mind before signing your child to another club,  If anyone has any questions please contact us.

{NOTE: The team will be a product of our Academy program and only players that have been with us from aged five and below will be able to represent the team.}

Lastly, we would like to encourage any female football interest to get in touch with either us or Sawbridgeworth Town FC as we will be forming an all girls football team. We will be working together to coach and manage an all girls football team shortly. The targeted aged range is currently between five and thirteen years old.


Upcoming U6 Fixture 

SK Academy Vs Sawbridgeworth Town FC

Venue: Sawbridgeworth Town FC
Date: July 25th
KO: 11:15 
{NOTE: Parents of selected players will be notified over the next couple of weeks.} 


SK Summer Camp Fun Day @ Sawbridgeworth Town FC

Time: 09:00 to 13: 00 – Bears: 5 to 7 years  /  Cubs: 2 to 4 Years
{Note: Exact event timings will be available after online registrations closes Aug 1st}

Price: £12 – {Must Pre-Pay online before August 1st}

Note: Maximum 40 children .... Once we have established the number of children attending the event through the online booking systems, schedule/group information will be posted to keep everyone in the loop as to where, what and when their funday will begin ... If anyone would like to contribute towards the event in regards to charity and/or raising awareness for causes etc, please get in touch with us soon.

Over the past month we have thought about halting our regular weekly coaching sessions over the summer holidays, and instead holding a summer camp which we have no doubt would be a great success due to the background experience of our head coach in regards to his US soccer camp background experience.
However due to the current age range of our children this type of event would be unsuitable as “day/week long camps” would be difficult for both children and parents .... Therefore we have decided to arrange a one-day “Summer Soccer Fun Day”, where all of our coaches and Soccer Kids from our current clubs can join together as one! The Academies Head coach will host a special football celebration that will include the parents just as much as the kids!

All new comers welcome :}

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