SK Sports News - 2017 Spring Season Newsletter


We wish all our Soccerkidz a fantastic New Year! We have some exciting news and developments kicking off throughout the Spring Season!  We have outlined the significant developments occuring this season ... Check out all the news and latest updates here.

We are now approaching the 3rd Year (April) of Coaching and "as ever", had to make some small changes to venue times and age groups in order to accomodate for all ages and abilities so that we can maintain our highly inclusive attitude towards coaching.

- Coaching Schdule
- Registration Entitlements and Details
- Enrolling Procedure - New Booking System
- Pay-As-You-Play
- SK Super League
- SK Super Cup

Coaching Schedule - January & February

SK-Thursday @ Parsonage Lane Community Centre
(Sports Hall)
15:45 to 16:30 – Koala's - 2.5 to 5 years

SK-Thursday @ Bishops Stortford High School
(Sports Hall)
17:00 to 17:50 – Cubs - 4 to 5 years
17:00 to 17:50 – Bears - 5 to 8 - years
(Note: The two age specific group sessions are coached simultaneously by two SK coaching teams.)

SK-Saturday @ Leventhorpe Leisure Centre
 (Sports Hall)
09:00 to 09:45 – Cubs – 4 years to 5 years
09:45 to 10:40 - Bears - 6 Years to 8 years
10:45 to 11:30 - Koala’s - 2 years to 4 years

SK-Sunday @ Passmores Academy 
(Sports Hall)
09:00 to 09:50 - Bears - 6 Years to 9 years
10:00 to 10:50 - Cubs - 2 years to 5 Years

SK-Sunday @ Romeera Leisure Centre
 (Sports Hall)
11:30 to 12:20 - Cubs - 3 years to 6 years


Registration Entitlements and Details

All Soccerkidz are required to register for the remaining weeks of the season should they wish to continue after their free taster session, see the registration entitlements listed below. Alternatively parents can Pay-As-You-Play after the first week of coaching if there are spaces available in the class (details stated below).

- Attendance to SK Super Cup's
- Reduced average cost per session than P-A-Y-P
- Eligability for "Player of the Week' Trophies
- Eligability for Elite performance trials
- Eligability for SK Super League Teams


Enrolling Procedure - New Booking System

The enrolling procedure is simple ... Pay the registration fee either online via the link below to our new simple registration page or use the previous system via the Sports Shop page ... Alternatively pay in cash, disclosed within an envelope to a member of staff at one of the development centres. Check the cost's and details below.

The Course fee entitles you to attend a number of sessions over the Spring School term from Week 1 (2nd January to 8th January) to Week 6 (6th February to 12th February).
For example: Registering from Week 1 will enroll your Soccerkid for the spring term, containing 6 coaching Weeks.

When using new "Registration Page" .. Sibling discount, Enter Promo code: SIBLING.
NOTE: This will give you 20% off each siblings registration so book seperatley.

Should you wish to enroll from "Week 3" (16th Jan), your child will be registered for 4 coaching weeks leading up to the end of term which finishes on the 12th February.

Multi Venue Policy: All SoccerKids are entitled to participate in any of our venues operating throughout the week should they miss a session. This policy is put in place to help parents get the most out of their registration and in the case of absence from their normal venue.



Spring Term 1 Coaching Term Dates and Fee's

 Week 1 – 42.50 GBP - (2nd January to 8th January) - 6 Coaching Weeks

Week 2 – 36.50GBP - (9th
January to 15th January) - 5 Coaching Weeks

 Week 3 – 30.00 GBP - (16th
January to 22nd January) - 4 Coaching Weeks

 Week 4 – 22.50 GBP - (23rd
January to 29th January) - 3 Coaching Weeks

 Week 5 – 15.00 GBP – (30th
January to 5th February) – 2 Coaching Weeks

Week 6 – 7.50 GBP – (6th February to 12th February) – 1 Coaching Week

Half Term Coaching Break

Coaching Break Half Term Week 1 - (13th February to 19th February) 



To stay in Accordance with Health & Safety Regulations, Child to Coach Ratio and Maximum facility Capacity we are only offering the P-A-Y-P option (8.50 GBP) after the first week of coaching has finished as classes may be full. P-A-Y-P is only available if there is space in the class. (You can view how many spaces are avaible via the new registration page).

After reducing the fee to P-A-Y-P during the Autumn Seasons, we have now re-instated the initial cost of P-A-Y-P to help us maintain an effective service which is explained below.

Due to a number of factors we encourage parents to register their Soccerkids for the School terms. You are made aware of the registration benefits by reading the topic above titled, "Registration entitlements and details" . We may offer new introductory Pay-as-you-play options to first time participants as it gives these parents and children alike a couple of weeks to "see how it goes". After this period is over, parents are required to register unless extenuating circumstances are apparent which can be discussed with a member of staff.


Talent Identification

We will be starting a competitive U7/8 league in the new year for our Soccerkidz that wish to continue their development into a team. This league will give our older boys & girls from all areas the opportunity to play together once a week against local teams. The aim of the league is to give local teams the chance to scout & invite our players to play for their clubs on the weekends should they wish as well as increase elite pathway opportunities for our academy.

The opening games of the season is set to start in March 2017 ... More details will be available closer to the time.


SK Super Cup 2017 - FEBRUARY 9th

Address: London Rd, Bishop's Stortford CM23 3LU

AGE: 6 to 8 years (SK-Bears Groups Only, unless invited otherwise)
SESSION TIME: 17:00 to 17:55
FORMAT: 3 v 3 (Group Winners Play in Round Robin Final Group with each team playing six 8 minute games) 

AGE: 3 to 5 (Koala’s & Cubs Groups)
SESSION TIME: 17:00 to 17:55
FORMAT: Fun games & Small Matches

Congratulations to everyone that have participated in the SK Super Cup's during in 2016. This Competition was formed in 2016 to mark the end of each term of coaching. Our Soccerkids love this event as it gives everyone the chance to show off what they have learnt in a competative competition. The December Super Cup provided Chelsea FC with 3 new trialist aged 5, 6 and 8 years old ... Well done to those boys!

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