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#SoccerkidzSundays @ Passmores Academy (19/10/14)

We would like to thank all of our club members and The GPCA community centre in Harlow for the part they have played in the development of SoccerKidz Ltd. 

we have successfully changed venue to the fantastic Passmores Academy which has given us the platform to further the ambitions of our club. 


Coaching Report: 

Many of our players are showing great signs of development...we are now coming to the stage where the ability range within the group is growing, this may be down to our new recruits not having the same contact time as players that have been in our club for a while.

Soccerkidz Ltd prime focus is set on "helping the introduction of children into sport, in our case football." We promote a wide range of principals related to our enhanced child development program (SCDP). Information can be found via our website.

As a result of our developing system, we are soon to invite players onto our Soccerkidz Elite Program.

Ben Doyle, Director of Soccerkidz Ltd


Our Last Day at The GPCA

Posted on October 21, 2014 and filed under #SoccerKidzSundays.