#SoccerkidzSundays @ The GPCA (October 2014)

Since we kick started Soccerkidz Sundays in August we have had the pleasure of using The GPCA playing fields where the weather has been very kind to us. We have learnt that coaching the children outside benefits them more than using an indoor facility due to a number of factors: the ball being easier to control on the grass, the space in which we can use and the noise reduction.

These factors have helped our Soccerkidz develop faster than expected and we recently put their development to the test as we attempted our first conditioned game situation for the older players in the group before our move into an indoor facility. Unfortunately the team wasn't quite ready to tackle this concept :) !

However we will not be undeterred from attempting the game situation again, we will just need to put in a couple more weeks on the training ground.

Posted on October 13, 2014 and filed under #SoccerKidzSundays.