#SoccerkidzWednesday @ Mark Hall Sports Centre, Harlow (22/10/14)

SK Blog - Wednesday 22/10/14

#SoccerkidzSundays @ Mark Hall Sports Centre

Unfortunately we had a small number of children in our "SK Cubs" group due to early after school Halloween discos and a few parents not getting the.....group split, time change message. However with that being said we had great fun with the guys that did, we even managed to muscle in on the next door dance class space for the 15:00-15:50 Cubs session but we could hold the space for the Bears @ 16:00-16:50. 

Coach Mason issued a challenge to all Soccerkidz on Wednesday..."The Dribble for Gold Game". He lined up all of our wizard hat cones in a line, with just enough room between each cone for the ball to fit through, knowone managed it this time around. However Coach Ben showed our players that it could be done and has put a Golden Nugget (pound) and Soccerkidz t-shirt up for grabs for the person that completes the challenge first. 


Bruce The Bear....."Good luck Soccerkidz, you'll have it in no time"


(Note: Soccerkidz Ltd will be running sessions for our Soccerkidz Ltd Elite team in the coming weeks once the players are ready. This invitation will be totally optional.)

Posted on October 24, 2014 .