#SoccerkidzSundays @ Passmores Academy (26/10/14)

Blog - Sunday 26/10/14

A really big well done to everyone involved with the Sunday Club. We are very pleased to announce that as from next Sunday our players will be inducted into Brucey's Cubs and Beckham's Bears teams (age specific).

Session will run simultaneously.


Coaching Report: 

The sports hall has been an interesting change from our outdoor venue. From a coaching perspective we are learning and adapting to the differences in surface, the hard flat floor makes it more difficult for our youngsters to control and stop the ball....however this challenge alone is developing their core football skills faster than on grass, I believe the kids can improve quicker at their age on this surface however it may prove to be an annoying task to complete for some....we assure everyone that when we get to the point of competitive team play we will find it easy to win :)!

Coach Mason.... "I'm very happy with our new teams and I'm looking forward to our development journey through the stages of our SCDS (Soccerkidz child development system)."

Coach Ben...."Today I was passing and receiving with a few of our youngest players.....I saw fantastic balance and co-ordination from children as young as 2 years old, successfully pass a ball to my feet with consistent accuracy. It really was a joy for us all to watch and I am so proud of all of the boys and girls in the club. We improve every week."

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