#SoccerkidzLtd Weekend Coaching Report - 8/11/ & 9/11

Soccerkidz Team Talk......"Whether your child is a Soccerkidz first timer or a seasoned player we cater for all children's abilities and hold no discrimination in any sense of the word when it comes to participation at our club. The coaching structure of Soccerkidz will continue to develop with the club and we are all apart of making the right decisions when it comes to getting the best development results for the children. Without participation and enjoyment for the concept of football....there would be no fun game to play." 



Coaching Report:

This Sunday we had a new wave of Soccerkidz come along for a free taster session....lucky we had four coaches otherwise things could of got tricky.

We approached the session with the plan of splitting the groups into 2 separate teams (age specific) in to our respected cubs and bears teams. However,  upon our coaching debrief we all felt that it it took away the benefit of being able to use the whole hall for everybody. Therefore next session we will merge everyone together for the same activities so that we can target the bulk of the classes development needs and targets. We will assign two of our coaches the job of attending to the younger children's needs. 

we will revert back to the coaching structure used in our #Soccerkidzsunday November 2nd session, as we feel this way we are more able to give the children more contact time with the coaches. 

However as a result in changing to this style there maybe children that find the session to "easy" for their development needs, therefore we offer any parent or child that may start thinking this way to speak with our coaches so we can help guide everyone down the best path........we can also provide more advanced coaching at our Soccerkidz Saturday session, "we've had four children move from Harlow Sunday sessions to our Saturdays in Sawbridgeworth."

#SoccerkidzSaturday @ Sawbridgeworth Town FC is the longest running class and is ahead of the Wednesday and Sunday venues in Harlow with regards to the coaching.During the sessions we test our children with new challenges every week as the children themselves have now built up the skills to focus for longer and take on instruction better....this is a result of their prolonged attendance each week and manageable participation numbers. We are currently at the introductory stage of conditioned game play....this includes, defending/attacking/tackling. The newest coaching progression was "5v2 attack verses defense".

If anyone would like to seek further guidance in whats best for your child's development then contact us.....we are here to help.


Posted on November 10, 2014 .