"Bruce the Bear" Tackles Gender Equality at Grass Roots Level

USA - 2 males to every 1 female participating in youth soccer
UK- 16 males to every 1 female participating in youth football (FIFA 2013)

Soccerkidz Ltd and other coaching companies that share similar values and concepts as one-another other are the best sources of child development as children have the opportunity to grow in a pressure free environment, learning and building upon a variety of newly found attributes before society ideologies gets the chance to make their minds up for them. most boys will play football at some point in their early years within a club, they will usually decide whether football is for them or not....... based on our own statistical research we believe that many girls do not get the opportunity to be involved in a football club-team at an early age which leads us to believe they have potentially missed out on a sport that can offer them far more than just a fun game as it ingrains confidence, encourages friendship and teaches them important values and ethics that we have been highlighting over the past month in our weekly blogs. 

Bruce the Bear....."give your daughter a football before a barbie doll and let her choose her pathway. We are working towards creating a female Soccerkidz Elite team now for future competitions, with our coaching and direction we will take great pleasure in beating any boys teams we come up against!"


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The "Soccerkidz Child Development System" (SCDS) incorporates a number of different developmental concepts associated with healthy child development and future issues. Many scholars, publicist and pundits express their opinions on the Gender gap between male and female participation in football but not many of those attempt to do something about it however....we are in a position to do so!

Back in May when Soccerkidz launched its first session, one of our goals was to encourage the disbandment of social and stereotypical ideologies associated  to female participation in football through female participation within our own club, by doing so this would assist our overall aims of development. Since Soccerkidz Ltd launched we have coached over 100 children, around 7 of those being female. We now have 2 girls registered in our club and the Captain of our "Bears" team is a 5 year old girl named Ruhani, "She a Star." 



Posted on November 12, 2014 .