Week 9/10 - Coaching Schedule - Essex & Hertforshire - 2 to 7

Well done to all our Soccerkids this week as we had Fantastic Start to the New Year!

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We had record participation rates that reached 23 in our Saturday morning Cubs (2 to 4 years) session ... An extra well done goes out to our SK-Coaches for competently delivering fun, engaging and controlled sessions for everyone's enjoyment.

Due to the increase in demand we are going to be altering the age and group structures for week 10 to ensure we can maintain our high standards of coaching which in hand will increase individual contact time with the Soccerkids ...

Upcoming News: We have scheduled our monthly SK-Sawbridgeworth Bears vs SK-Harlow Bears ... in house football match on Saturday the 30th of January at Leventhorpe Leisure Centre. This will be the first of our monthly football matches to be played at the end of each month at alternate venues. Coaching analysis taken from these fixtures will provide us with the following months coaching program and will crown the first winner of the SK-Champions Cup!
NOTE:  Please bare in mind that Increasing Participation rates will incur changes and these changes will be structured around the best interests of the children ... Also, be aware that Matches count towards a course session.


Week 9 - Upcoming Coaching Schedule - 11th to 17th January

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SK-Thursday @ ST Micheals Mead Community Centre (Indoor)
4:30 to 5:15 - SK Cubs - 3 to 6 years
Next Session: 14th January 2016
BS High School Hall closure due to Exams on the 14th & 21st January

SK-Saturday @ Leventhorpe Leisure Centre (Indoor)
09:10 to 10:00 – Cubs – 2 to 4 years
10:10 to 11:00 – Bears - 5 to 7 years
Next Session: 16th January 2016
Note: Last Sessions at the usual times

SK-Sunday @ Passmores Academy (Indoor) - HARLOW TOWN
09:00 to 09:50 - Bears - 5 to 7 years
09:00 to 09:50 - Cubs - 3 to 5 years
Next Session: 17th January 2016
All Soccerkidz Aged 2 to are invited to the SK-Saturday's session as we can no longer accomodate for them at this venue.

Week 10 - REVISED! - Coaching Changes - 18th to 24th January


SK-Thursday @ ST Michaels Mead Community Centre (Indoor)
4:30 to 5:15 - SK Cubs - 3 to 6 years

NOTE: We will be staying in this venue for the foresable future.

SK-Saturday @ Leventhorpe Leisure Centre (Indoor)
09:10 to 10:00 – Cubs – 2 years to 3 years, 6 months
09:10 to 10:00 – Small Bears - 3 years, 7 months to 5th Birthday
10:10 to 11:00 - Bears - 5th Birthday to 7 years

NOTE: We will be coaching the "Cubs" and "Small Bears" groups simultanously for the time being by seprating the hall in half untill the groups are too large to maintain an effective session.

SK-Sunday @ Passmores Academy (Indoor)
09:00 to 09:50 - Bears - 5th Birthdayto 7 years
09:00 to 09:50 - Cubs - 3 years to 5th Birthday

NOTE: We have made the decision to revert to our previous structure of coaching just 3 to 7 years on Sundays in order to maintain our coaching standards for this particular group. The Sports Hall size enables us to run the Cubs and Bears sessions simultaneously however we feel that this environment is unsafe for 2 year olds to attend. Therefore, we would like to invite current and future 2 years olds to our SK-Saturday session stated above until their 3rd birthday, when they are welcome into our SK-Passmores Academy.

We apologies for any inconvenience’s caused, full refunds will be made immediately should you be enrolled upon a course.

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