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#SoccerkidzSaturday @ Leventhorpe Sports Centre - 10/01/2015

Great first session back team! A special well done to the Cubs Session, the noisy karate hooligans next door didn't stop us from doing our thing!

Coach Ben.."Next week I'll move the coaching to the other side of the hall and kick the badminton boys into the middle"

Check out the pictures from today's Cubs class....for those of you that wish to order a football kit, go to the merchandise/registration page and take a look at the options. Online kit orders usually take around 2 weeks to arrive.


#AwayDays is Back!

Our first SK #AwayDay is scheduled for the 3rd of February at Mark Hall Sports Centre, 17:00-18:00.

Today we continued our progressive coaching practice in preparation for our First in house 5 v 5 football match on the 3rd, versus SK (Harlow)

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Football World - SK Saturdays @ Leventhorpe Sports Centre 29/11/14

Yet another great session today, well done Mason loves the rainbow tube so much that he's putting it on his Christmas list, let's hope he's been a good boy for Santa! 

This week we executed the "skill building" games very well and showed great signs of basic ball's a delight to see. 

Our "game related practice" started off slow but gained efficiency once the children grasped the concept our multi-ball "2 v 2  attack v defense exercise". 

Next week we are going to start with a 1 v 1 and progress to 2 v 2 using just 1 ball.....GO BEARS.....BEARs.....BEArs.....BEars.....Bears.....bears

Check out the pics from today's session >>>

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#SoccerkidzSaturday @ STFC (18/10/14)


This week we challenged "Beckhams Bears" with a slightly more advanced games...the children managed well with the initial dynamics however "progression 2" proved a bit to tricky. 

SSG (Small Sided Game)

We built upon last weeks game scenario by implementing the same conditions as before. Our players are now learning the basic concepts to the game and we feel they are ready for this stage of development.

Coach Ben...."Great session Bears! We've got some great goalkeepers amongst us."

Coach Mason...."Our team found it difficult to score as the other team had 2 goalkeepers for a long period of the match" 


Louis ball sliding and Aiden ready to land with wings open!

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#SoccerkidzSaturdays @ STFC (September 2014)

During September our Soccerkidz numbers averaged around 12-18 children each week. Due to the consistent participation rates week in week out we were able to split the groups into 2 separate age groups (2 years to 3 years, 6 months & 3 years 7 months to 6 years). This has enabled our coaches to deliver more age and ability specific coaching session, in hand promoting an increase in the children's all round development.

We have noticed an evident increase in all of the children's attention and listening skills as well as a clear increase their physical attributes IE; kicking, running and team-cohesion.    

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