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SK Sports- Easter Newsletter

Cup Final Date, Awards Ceremony and Coaches VS Parents at The Link, U7 Bears, U7 SK Sports, U8 Sk Sports, U9 SK Sports, New teams- U7/U11, Upcoming Friendlies and Tournaments, Easter Venue Change, Leagues, Tuesday Night Technical Training with Sports Leaders

2016 Autumn Season Newsletter

COACHING BREAK – 28th August to September 4th 2016

September Registration: To help us improve and progress effectively we will be operating a new course payment/registration system to help us maintain an effective service.

Due to the ever increasing demand at our development centres across Hertfordshire and Essex and with the majority of our clubs being at their maximum capacity, as from September we will be switching from the "6-week courses" to "Term-Time courses".

During the School holidays we will operate the Pay-as-you-play system before the following school term starts again.

New Enrolling Procedure:

The Course fee entitles you to attend number of sessions over the autumn school term from Week 1 (5th September to 11th September) to Week 7 (17th September to 23rd October).

For example: selecting "Week 1" will register your Soccerkid for the full Autumn term containing 6 sessions ...

Should you wish to enrol from "Week 3" (19th Sep), your child will be registered for 3 sessions leading up to the end of term which finishes on the 23rd Oct (Price is automatically adjusted accordingly) ... Note the coaching break during week 4, where no sessions will take place.

Note: Soccerkidz with outstanding sessions will have them rolled over to the Autumn season but will need to re-enrol on the relevant week once sessions have expired.

Multi Venue Policy: All Soccer Kids are entitled to participate in any of our local venues operating throughout the week.


Autumn Coaching Term Dates and Fee's

Week 1 – 42.50 GBP - (5th September to 11th September) - 6 Sessions

 Week 2 – 36.50 GBP - (12th September t to 18th September) - 5

Week 3 – 30.00GBP - (19th September to 28th September) - 4

 Week 4 – 22.50 GBP - (26th September to 2nd October) - 3

 Week 5 – 15.00 GBP - (3rd October to 9th October) - 2

 Week 6 –
7.50 GBP - (10th October to 16th October) - 1 Sessions


Sibling Discount Prices

 Week 1 – 70.00 GBP - (5th September to 11th September) - 12 Sessions

 Week 2 – 60.00 GBP - (12th September to 18th September) - 10 Sessions

 Week 3– 48.50 GBP - (19th September to 28th September) - 8 Sessions

Week 4 – 36.50 GBP - (26th September to 2nd October) - 6 Sessions

Week 5 –
25.00GBP - (3rd October to 9th October) - 4 Sessions

Week 6 –
12.50 GBP - (10th October to 16th October) - 2 Sessions

Sibling Registration
50.00 every month

Message from Director: Coach Ben

“We are now approaching our 3rd year of Coaching and I am extremely thankful and appreciative of the support received from many of the parents over this time … I have the utmost passion and desire to continue on the quest to establish the brand of SK Sports Academy into becoming one of the best Child development academies in the country. We take pride in making positive impacts on our Soccerkidz lives, offering the children as much opportunity to progress towards elite performance and to help all children with their confidence and physical development.

Our Football Academy has been noticed by professional clubs such as Colchester United, of which 3 of our Soccerkidz now train on a regular basis in their development squad ... More recently Chelsea FC’s talent identification scout has shown his interest in the academies coaching structure by attending this months SK Super Cup and will be returning for the following Super Cups … There is also interest from another Premier League development academy however details cannot be disclosed at this point.

Also, we successfully delivered our first ever summer sports camp this year at Kingsmoor School during the last week of July and we will continue to run sport camps every school holidays from now on, so keep an eye on the website for booking information during these times … Check out the Summer Camp highlight video below!

As the Autumn season approaches the need to change to term time payments is needed. This will help our us make the registration procedure less confusing for the parents and admin alike.

Lastly, to financially aid the Academies progression I have been searching far and wide to find a relevant sport related sponsor to help us improve and upgrade our services for the children in regards to Football kits, Equipment, Facility upgrades and coaching staff however I was only offered deals from building companies which was deemed unsuitable by our administrators. However, after researching similar coaching services and their cost of coaching, SK Sports Academy is arguably better priced in comparison to others locally and nationally.

I hope that all our Soccerkidz and parents are happy with the service we are providing and that you are looking forward to the future just as much enjoying the present!


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Academy Updates / News / Spring Deals / Upcoming Coaching / Club Partnerships

SK Football Academy 

Updates / News / Spring Deals / Upcoming Coaching / Club Partnerships

We are now approaching our first outdoors coaching sessions of 2015 in all venues.... We have made sure that there are back-up indoor facilities in close proximity to our designated playing area in-case of heavy rain or unsuitable weather conditions....notification of any changes will be available up to an hour before the start of coaching, so please check our Facebook page or Website prior to attending if you are in any doubt.

As a result of the switch back outside we are able to help course affordability by offering discounts and by reverting back to our summer Course Fee structure of "6 sessions, barre 1 method".... This allows parents/kids a week out from their course without losing a session.


SK Academy

SK-Thursday @ Bishops Stortford Rugby Club / Stortford Swifts FC

Cubs: - 2 to 4 years - 4:15 to 5:05
Bears: - 5 to 7 years - 4:15 to 5:05
SK-Swifts U7,8 - 7 to 8 years - 5:15 to 6:15 Team will be formed once a minimum of 5 players have enrolled on a course

Age groups will run simultaneously alongside one-another for the time being.

(Note: This club has been running for the past 4 months, the target age group has been for 2 to 5 years. However, due to our new facility we are able to include a 5 to 7 years age group. Please help the local community become aware of this newly forming football team, if anyone is interested in coming for a free taster session then contact us for more info and lets get started!)

SK Academy

SK-Sunday @ The GPCA

Bears: 3 to 6 years - 09:00 to 09:50

NEW! SK-Elite: 6 to 7 years - 10:00 to 11:00
(Coaching will take place once a minimum of 6 to 8 players have been enrolled into the club)

Note: After talking this through with the coaching team, we feel this age grouping structure would be the best approach to suit the development needs of the children. This way our current team can stay together maintaining their fast progression towards Our First U7 SK-Elite Team.



Facebook: SK ACADEMY

Coaching   Article     -

Coaching Article

Online Spring/Summer Course Fee Discount - Offer Ends Monday!

We are offering discounted course fees until Monday April 20th. Children that have sessions left on their current course can add to existing courses.

Spring 6-week Course Offer: £25
Sibling Offer: £40

(Offer Applies Online Only)

Follow the link to enroll today!


SK-Saturday @ Sawbridgeworth Town FC 

Back-up-Venue - Leventhorpe Leisure Centre

Cubs - 2 to 4 years - 11:00 to 11:50
Bears - 5 to 7 years - 10:00 to 10:50

(Note: Children that reach 7 years old will graduate into Sawbridgeworth Town U7 teams... Separate coaching for the graduating players will be available mid-week once the team has been established and will be eligible to compete in separate matches for a SK-Elite U7 (invitation only). 

Elite Pathway opportunities: Tournament Matches will be scheduled once a month against Professional Academy teams, with the aim of receiving an invitation to attend trials for those opposing teams.

Please help and share this information into the local community, if anyone is interested in coming for a free taster session then contact us for more info and to get started!